Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to run a three ringed circus when you only have one ring!

1.Replace all bodily fluids with caffiene by drinking copius amounts of coffee all day long.
2.Have Mersyndol on call at all times.
3.Have a husband at home who will run all errands AND srub shower recess when needed.
4.Live on take away food and an occassional lump of bbqed dead carcass when husband who has just finished scrubbing shower recess has time to throw the dead bison's leg on the bbq.
5.Hire amazing staff that will come in at the drop of a hat and work for third world wages ( and an occassional coffee).
6.Have an amazing group of friends who will support and visit when the times get tough.
7.Try to go to bed and get some sleep.
(This one rarely gets a look in)
8.Have an understanding family who learn to accept the ranting and raving lunatic who has inhabted their home during the Christmas period instead of their mother/wife.
9.Administer heavy protective "bubbles of white light" while at the toilet bowel of humanity.
10.Wear ear plugs to somewhat lower the tone of screaming infants and ranting semi crazed customers.

Part One complete.

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