Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh Lordy!

Yes, today every muscle does hurt and how do I keep awake?
I tried two coffees and a can of "MOTHER" and still had the yawns.
But then I was at the toilet bowl till 10pm.
The long haul starts....
Late nights all this week.
8pm Mon, Tues and Wed and MIDNIGHT on Thursday.
May the Goddess have mercy on my poor soul!

Lots of girls are passing by and saying Hi!
I really love that, please do not hesitate to come by and give me a hug...I will be needing it.

Otherwise, what else could be new?

The man actualy scrubbed out the shower recess today...
Oh my God, how slack am I and how wonderful is he?!!!
I love that man!


Cyndy said...

He is sex on legs, indeed he is.

Now; if only he would show some interest in the toilet.... he'd be a walking orgasm waiting to happen...... LOL

Anchell said...

Did you mention the hair mountain under the lounge??? Hey AAArrrreeeekkkkkkk......

hee hee

see you at the bowl

Anchell said...

Okay okay okay

A... is an orgiastic studmuffin who vacs AND cleans loo's

I am just jealous!


Anchell said...

Will he please tell darlin that washing the sheets automatically includes making the bed....