Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year

Mmmmmm, only two days to go and then we get to start all over again.
Another year, another go round the wheel.

Anyone making resolutions?

I have a few, but I am keeping them a secret.

We are going to have a very quiet New Years - rather boring really.
I am hanging out for a darn good party to go to but it does not seem to happen.
Year after year, it's just boring...
And invite me please!

I only have 21 days left to work at the toilet bowl.
It has now become moron central, with the same people who before Christmas were ranting about paying $24 for the calendar that they really wanted, now paying $30 for two half price calendars that they have to settle for cause their calendar is sold out.

What don't people understand about "everything" being 50% off?
"So is everything 50% off?'
Yes, everything" (pointing to the sign)
"So - is this one 50% off too?"
(seething quietly.................) "YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS"

Jesus have mercy!!!!


Jen said...

awww, you poor thing, yes - people are morons, did my brother visit you, he is a moron.

I am VERY happy with my 50% off calendar. Cant wait til i can hang it up.

luv jen

Cyndy said...

I'm happy with the normal-priced calendar that I bought as a gift from you, Lucky.

Unfortunately, the person that I bought it for isn't. Her mother told me that the Emily the Strange calendar is "OK, you know, she's not really into her (this is d die-hard emo-kid we're talking about), but where did you buy it, did they have any Greenday Calendars?".

I said sorry, no I can't change it. This kid is never happy. From now on, it's money in a card. Finito! I posted the parcel, then received no acknowledgment that she had received it. I only phoned them because mother asked me to. I think her mother encourages her to make her feelings known; heaven help us all if the princess should receive anything that might displease her......

Good luck at the toilet bowl.

Cyndy said...

Oh hang on...the kids emo...... she's not supposed to be happy...... duh...

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO - Cyndy that's hilarious, thanks for making me smile...

You have emily the strange calendars? What about hello kitty? Damn, I really need to get my butt down there and visit you girl! (I would have been stoked with an emily calendar for Christmas - does she want to swap it for my American Pie DVD :D LOL)

BTW, I'm not having a party on New Year's Eve, but I've been invited by a friend to the Chantathon at the Harmony Center, Cooranbong. Never been there before.... but thought I'd give it a go... :)

LUCKY said...

Yes.....what a chuckle Cyndy....I see these people every day....standing for hours on end staring at each calendar on the stand.....will it be this one? or that one? oh God...I cant make up my mind all with emo kids in tow saying, " oh that one's vomit!"
( must be the new word for "shit" )

Anonymous said...

hi lucky you and friends have really brightened my day with talk of morons ungrateful present recipients and vomit hee hee i think nearly all families must have a moron or two hidden in the closet or a relative who does know how to be grateful when a gift is given with love ..i can remember about 20yrs ago i brought gifts for my sisters sons for chrissy , they opened them screwed up their faces and dropped them on the ground at my feet , they were 5 or 6 at the time so needless to say have never ever brought anything again best god damn cowboy outfits ever in all these years they still have never been taught manners or respect for themselves or others ...morons ...anyway everyone have a great new years whether a big splash or a quite tipple or two ...see you all sooon ...maureen

Cyndy said...

Hi Maureen...

Our morons aren't hiding in the closet; they're out there loud and proud for all to see and hear.

But what they hey, they're OUR morons and we love 'em anyway.... it's not really as if we had a choice....

Anonymous said...

hi cyndy theres not much love with my morons its not that i havent tried but when their minds and hearts are poisoned towards you from their parents you have buckleys of changing it and light to you ...maureen