Monday, December 31, 2007

You just CAN'T stop the Music....

I am sitting here watching "You can't stop the music" with the Village People...
I remember watching it back in 1980 before I knew they were all gay.
Such an innocent.
Also check out this u tube video...
it's a total crack up

have a good one.
The man has just made a pavlova with the left over egg whites from all his cooking at Christmas.
We had such a quiet New Years - watched the 9pm fireworks in town and then came home and watched the Sydney fireworks on TV.
What did you do?


Jewell said...

Yes they were very funny even back then!!

Have an invite for you:
Come and help Helen celebrate her
birthday...or just watch her get sloshed! at the races
Saturday 19th January
Newcastle Races, Broadmeadow

Partners can come join in the fun after for dinner in Beaumont Street, 6pm
RVSP 0410 538 956

Kathleen said...

I went to bed around 11pm ... I tried to stay awake, honest I did ... blooming fireworks woke me up at midnight though! LOL Happy New Year!

Anchell said...

I propped my eyes open and babysat my mother so my aunty didnt kill her....such fun