Thursday, December 20, 2007

Did I say that I was tired?

I worked 16 hours yesterday.
16 hours at the toilet bowl of humanity and I was rudely abused by some dememted twat of a woman who swore that I was selling my calendars at half price in the morning, yet I was not offering her a discount when she came back to buy her calendar in the afternoon.
And when I called her "madam", she called me a bitch!

So there...
I love Christmas.

Anyway, 16 hours, used to be called "doubla" shifts when my dad was at work.
Men used to do doubla's all the time, especially at the BHP and the cotton mills where my dad worked.
How did they do that?
My God, I feel like I have been run over my a semi - and those guys did that week after week in some cases.

Only 4 days till Christmas...


Cyndy said...

And that's why they're not so popular any more.

And we like our men to come home happy and healthy.

Yukko to cranky cows.

And thank god it's almost here!

Cyndy said...

You're almost there......