Monday, December 24, 2007

A Very Grumpy Christmas

Was so looking forward to a sleep in this morning - and couldn't, due to large head pounding that was brought on by caffeine withdrawals.
You see, I have been living on coffee these last few weeks and even though it is mostly decaffinated, I still feel that there is SOME caffeine, even in decaffinated coffee and so.....big pounding headache at 8am.

We did the family thing last night,being Polish, our big celebration is on Christmas Eve as opposed to Christmas day.
Then we came home and opened our "real" gifts.
We always keep the best for our place...we come home and open our's great.
I did score well with a new camera, some money and beautiful earrings.

Today is to be very quiet....
food, and watching dvd's.
Sounds boring?
To me it is bliss...
Out of people's energy..out of the chaos...with my family.
Baby girl got a Nintendo Wii, we probably won't see her till February now!

Have a good one!


Jewell said...

have a good one too!! glad your off for a few days...know you'll enjoy them

Tesah said...

Tell Aleks that part of my new pricing for the new year will be playing the Wii!