Thursday, November 27, 2008

At the chance of sounding bitter and twisted...

I best not post for a while as I am getting more bitter and twisted as the days more spanner in the works has made my current situation very difficult indeed.
Sending sweet thoughts and good wishes to all....I am going to hide in my hole.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alien rears its ugly head!

What in God's name do people eat to cause them to have annaconda size turds?
I'm sorry, but I have never seen anything like it and hope never to again.....another surprise left for me in one of the toilets at the Square....just after I bypassed the one with all the piss on the floor.....another security alert!
Guess I won't be hearing the end of this one either.....

P.S. Annaconda turd cannot be flushed...they have tried and tried.
Poor cleaners..another long Thursday.
At least the season is almost half over.

Had my second last art lesson last night.
It was a breath of fresh air to just sit and paint.
It was like going to a different planet and having a rest.
I will miss it greatly ( until I find a replacement ).

Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome!

If any of you are old enough you will remember a band called "Frankie Goes to Hollywood".
They had an album called "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome" - a do-your-head-in-fest about corruption, war and human nature.
Well, I am currently sitting in my own little "pleasure dome" right here at the Square.
I watch all types of humanity walk past - for some I feel sorry, for some I have no time at all.

Some would rob you blind and then spit on you.
Some of the girls sport black eyes and craggy faced boyfriends who say "fuck" a lot.
Some mothers just let their kids run riot while they talk on their mobiles.
Some still ask whether I am selling records.
Some people are really poor - I mean really poor not "whinging poor" like most of us are when we can't go buy that new dress for the weekend....
some kids SCREAM like a banshee rising from the depths of hell!

Some people are really nice - just a few.

Some guys spit at you from the top balcony.
They leave their garbage between the calendars.
They NEVER, EVER put the calendars back where they were.

I have seen more arse cracks than I ever want to again.
I have seen more boys' cheap and creepy underwear hanging out of their pants and men scatching their balls then the normal average human being.
I am so over the creeps and pervs, the eight year old love birds who insist on deep throat kissing in the kids section of the calendar stand and who get pissed off when I tell them to "GO AWAY".

welcome to my pleasure dome!!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We all live with the consequences of our choices, don't we?
In hindsight, would we have made those choices at all?
They may have seemed a good idea at the time.
I have made some choices to take with me into 2009.
Will they be the right ones?
Only time will tell.
But, sometimes changes just have to be made or one can, quite literally, go insane!!!!
Too many hours at the Square can send you insane!!!
Mother Mary of the ample arse ( her words not mine! ) came to visit and bought some calendars.
Helen also came to pay a visit.
Santa sat in his chair and said, "Ho, Ho, Ho" all day long.
Apparently kids are not allowed to sit on Santa's lap or have him touch them in any way - how sad that we live in a world where creepy old men feel the need to touch up kids while in a Santa costume...... and this then changes EVERYTHING.
Santa, who is a hero figure to kids all over the world, now cannot get a cuddle or kissfrom a kid who has been waiting with the greatest of anticipation all year long, nor can the kids whisper their secret wishes into his ear. They have to sit beside Santa and Santa has to stay politically correct with his hands on his knees in full view.
What have we done????

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankyou for your gift!

This morning I got into work and did the things that I had to do - it was early, which I must be to get a park in the same universe as the Square.
I walked into the toilets to find that they were all occupied, but one door slowly opened and I woman walked ou to the hand basin to wash her hands.
I made a bee line to that cubical when......
there on the floor was one huge squashed shit!!!!
Dry wretch, heave and dusgust overcame me and I yelled at the top of my lungs...
"How disgusting!" and walked out to stop myself from heaving.
This did not phase the woman at all, but it certainly alerted everyone else within a 50 kilometre vacinity!!!!
I alerted the secrity to the "issue" and I guess the cleaners had to go in and deal with it.
I did not hear the end of it though, the cleaners kept on comming up and asking me about the gift that had been left for me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

60 Days to go!

Maybe I would glad swap a week of sitting in the orofice at BackPassage for the scum sucking life draining energies at the Square?????
Maybe, maybe?
The Christmas Tree went up at the Square last night so I have something pretty to look at.
The guards are at the gates at all entrances - so if staff thought that they could sneak in and park ( and then drive out and back in before the free 3 hours expires ) then they have another thing comming.
I have been parking in the back streets and take a stroll every morning to enjoy the only bit of sunshine that I get.
It is really only a few minutes extra if I arrive early enough - otherwise I need to hunt and kill to get a spot.
I also stop at Darby's pie bar and get a pie or cake to have with the first cuppa of the morning.

Bugger me!

Well its just been so flat out at the Square that half the shops are shutting at 4.30...yes
All the upstairs food court had closed down today by 4.30 and the security gurads were running around writing down names of traders who had closed early....this is a no, no!
Then we started to do the dame thing downstairs.
All the traders in centre court were out of there by 5.15.
It's dead.
Is everyone really waiting for their Christmas bonus from Kevin?
I really think that the money will be going on hams and puddings myself.
I am always slow in the first few weeks, but it is only about 4 weeks till Christmas and no one is spending......

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh my God, a glitch in the system....

Well folks, didn't I hit pay dirt....
I am on the lap top at work using the free wiifii connection from Macca's over the road.
This is the first connection that I have been able to get since being here.
Just happen to have my lap top doing some clean up work on files and stuff and low and behold.....the heavens have opened up.....
can it last?
I don't know....but hey,
I am going googling....see ya!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My days are full on at the moment..funny that, when I spend hours being so bored, yet I am immovable from my spot.
Business has not gotten better...people are keeping their money in their purses.
Don't blame them.
Everyone is feeling the pinch and I fear that it will get worse before it gets better.
It is all doom and gloom at the Square - I am over the negativity.
The unhappiness rubs off very quickly and spreads to everyone.

The man is still very sick and baby girk is a cough machine.
Back to the doctors for both of them tomorrow.
I am about as useful to everyone as tits on a bull - tired and unmotivated.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Full Moon Witches!

Happy Full Moon to you all -
Sorry I could not make it to the Cottage, but I cannot really be anywhere else other than the Square at the moment...
not enough energy to go round any more..
too old for this crap.

the whole family is sick now...gorgeous girl, baby girk and the man...all snorty and snotty.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you hear that too????

My tinnitus is playing up - rather loudly buzzing in both ears like someone left the T.V.on and all there is is white noise on full volume.
Mother is still on strike...but the man has stepped in and is now performing motherly duties so baby girk feels no need to be sorry for anythng.

I have had to give away some of my duties at the Cottage for a few weeks until after Chrissy - I am old now and cannot handle to pace.
Bugger...I know that there will be some YAADER's quietly celebrating this fact, but unfortunately for them, I will be back.

Need to paint.

Need to stop eating scorched peanuts and chocolate biscuits.

Read a book on symbols by Carl Jung, but it did my head in.

Need sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mother on Strike!

Why do things always come to a head when you are so busy that you cannot scratch yourself, let alone look wisely and calmly at a problem?
Baby girk is being a typical 14 year old - self centred, lazy and non conformist.
There is not one thing that I can ask her to do that she will take part in without a whine or whinge and I have had enough.
So I am striking...
Basic stuff like cleaning your room, helping in the house and doing your homework and really not negotiable items for any 14 year old - in this country most of their lives revolve around enjoying themselves and being social - how hard is it for these kids to do just a few things that they are asked to do, for crying out loud!!!!!
Now the man would certaily say that I have been too soft.
Yes probably.
Love is supposed to make things right, isnt it?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Anyone bought Henny Penny lately?????

Since when did one have to rob a bank to be able to afford to buy bloody Henny Penny chicken??????
Was in a hurry between work and the Cottage tonight,could not cook a decnet tea for the family, so I stopped at our local Henny Penny to buy a chook, a few pieces and some chips and frikken hell, I needed to go to the bank to get a loan first.
How expensive is that stuff????
It's only chicken for crying out loud!
I must be paying for all of the steroids that they pumped into the damn thing before they strung it up, electrocuted it and hacked it up for human consumption ( noice!! ).
Won't be doing that again soon I tell you.

Only 70 days to go.
Have been offered the possiblity of a job selling garden implements, like secateurs, clippers etc for $20 per hour. Unfortunately it is in Sydney.
Me and sharp garden implements?
and stupid customers.....
I don't think so.

Friday, November 07, 2008

So many thoughts

So many thoughts and so little time,
Which ones are yours and which ones are mine?
Which ones did I buy off the net?
Which ones did I swallow whole
and will poison me time.

Will I speak them out
or will they go stale
will I tell the truth
or create another tale?

Do I need to have these thoughts
going round and round my head?
or could I just bend over, spill them out
and empty my head instead?

I think I have thunk enough
I think I can have a rest
My brain is busting and bursting
A brain holiday would be the best

Could my brain switch off
Could it - just for one day
No thoughts, no dreams, no fears
I think I met a man today
that hadn't thought for years.

His eyes were glassy, his face was bland
He couldn't give a rat's arse
He spat, he snarled, he swore, he moaned
His life was just a farse

He would never think again he said
He slid through every day
He didnt love, he didnt need
Nor cry, nor laugh, nor play

He was a blob
He was a scurge
so meaningless, so bland
He was a walking dead soul
just exisiting in this land

I think I'll think about all this
and then I'll think some more
I think I'll just keep thinking....
and then I'll think some more

Cause I dont want to be a blob
nor be the walking dead
So I'll keep thinking all these thoughts I got
in my big fat head.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mindnumbing Boredom

Well, I really need to blog so that this day does not go down in history as a total waste of expended energy.
At least I would have left some memory of today by a blog entry.
Business is woeful - I cannot believe how bad it is.
The only grateful thing about it all is that I do not have to go through this all year long ( hmmm Michelle? ) and be witnessing my livelyhood going down the toilet.
I pity the poor small business owner who is feeling the effects of all this scare mongering by the media and the killing of Mr.and Mrs Average's miniscule savings by fat cat arse holes who were so freaking greedy that they pissed it all up against the wall.
No one is spending money - all shop keepers are just staring into space hour after hour and no one comes.....
Other than that I am glad to be home, showered, having been greeted my the man who made a curry and cooked a cake and by baby girk who gave me the biggest kiss and told me that she missed me ( must be wanting money ) and Maximus the Pug who is just plain cute!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Where is the wicked witch from number 42?

Hello out there...where art thou oh wicked one?
Am wanting to know how Friday went and you are no where to be found????

on another note,
the Square has been slightly busier over the last two days, so I live in hope that I wont completely go down the preverbial tubes this season..
Oh Goddess of the fortunate blessings, bestow upon this weakling a mass of hungry calendar seeking plebs to pass by my humble place of mote it be!

on another note,
I have two art lessons left before its all over red rover..

on another note,
tomorrow is Sunday and I get to sleep an extra hour - YAY!!!