Monday, November 10, 2008

Anyone bought Henny Penny lately?????

Since when did one have to rob a bank to be able to afford to buy bloody Henny Penny chicken??????
Was in a hurry between work and the Cottage tonight,could not cook a decnet tea for the family, so I stopped at our local Henny Penny to buy a chook, a few pieces and some chips and frikken hell, I needed to go to the bank to get a loan first.
How expensive is that stuff????
It's only chicken for crying out loud!
I must be paying for all of the steroids that they pumped into the damn thing before they strung it up, electrocuted it and hacked it up for human consumption ( noice!! ).
Won't be doing that again soon I tell you.

Only 70 days to go.
Have been offered the possiblity of a job selling garden implements, like secateurs, clippers etc for $20 per hour. Unfortunately it is in Sydney.
Me and sharp garden implements?
and stupid customers.....
I don't think so.


Jewell said...

oh nio...please stay away from sharp things and customers...we cant afford a good lawyer!!!

Anchell said...

Henny Penny certainly havent put their prices up due to staff wages updates I can tell you....
are you surviving?

Lisa said...

the price we pay for murdered and abused animals- NO to working in Sydney- NO

Tesah said...

Lol I concur with Lisa, NO to working with sharp objects and stupid customers!