Saturday, November 01, 2008

Where is the wicked witch from number 42?

Hello out there...where art thou oh wicked one?
Am wanting to know how Friday went and you are no where to be found????

on another note,
the Square has been slightly busier over the last two days, so I live in hope that I wont completely go down the preverbial tubes this season..
Oh Goddess of the fortunate blessings, bestow upon this weakling a mass of hungry calendar seeking plebs to pass by my humble place of mote it be!

on another note,
I have two art lessons left before its all over red rover..

on another note,
tomorrow is Sunday and I get to sleep an extra hour - YAY!!!


Anchell said...


Jewell said...


Kristy-Lee said...

She is not well and was dehydrated and needed to go back to hospital to be given fluids through a drip.

Poor Mardi.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kristy.w.w.

Anchell said...

And where are you hmmm????