Wednesday, November 19, 2008

60 Days to go!

Maybe I would glad swap a week of sitting in the orofice at BackPassage for the scum sucking life draining energies at the Square?????
Maybe, maybe?
The Christmas Tree went up at the Square last night so I have something pretty to look at.
The guards are at the gates at all entrances - so if staff thought that they could sneak in and park ( and then drive out and back in before the free 3 hours expires ) then they have another thing comming.
I have been parking in the back streets and take a stroll every morning to enjoy the only bit of sunshine that I get.
It is really only a few minutes extra if I arrive early enough - otherwise I need to hunt and kill to get a spot.
I also stop at Darby's pie bar and get a pie or cake to have with the first cuppa of the morning.

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