Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bugger me!

Well its just been so flat out at the Square that half the shops are shutting at 4.30...yes
All the upstairs food court had closed down today by 4.30 and the security gurads were running around writing down names of traders who had closed early....this is a no, no!
Then we started to do the dame thing downstairs.
All the traders in centre court were out of there by 5.15.
It's dead.
Is everyone really waiting for their Christmas bonus from Kevin?
I really think that the money will be going on hams and puddings myself.
I am always slow in the first few weeks, but it is only about 4 weeks till Christmas and no one is spending......


Anonymous said...

Shit, that's bad!

I'll be there tomorrow night sometime. I'll pop in and say hi. Hope the shops are still open!

Anchell said...


Oh dear.

What a waste of your time.

Poor elf...xx

Lisa said...

the universe is certainly giving you the clear answer you requested!

Anonymous said...

One big fat kick up the arse from the universe indeed!w.w.

Jewell said...

universeal kicks up the arse are good for the soul hehe