Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome!

If any of you are old enough you will remember a band called "Frankie Goes to Hollywood".
They had an album called "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome" - a do-your-head-in-fest about corruption, war and human nature.
Well, I am currently sitting in my own little "pleasure dome" right here at the Square.
I watch all types of humanity walk past - for some I feel sorry, for some I have no time at all.

Some would rob you blind and then spit on you.
Some of the girls sport black eyes and craggy faced boyfriends who say "fuck" a lot.
Some mothers just let their kids run riot while they talk on their mobiles.
Some still ask whether I am selling records.
Some people are really poor - I mean really poor not "whinging poor" like most of us are when we can't go buy that new dress for the weekend....
some kids SCREAM like a banshee rising from the depths of hell!

Some people are really nice - just a few.

Some guys spit at you from the top balcony.
They leave their garbage between the calendars.
They NEVER, EVER put the calendars back where they were.

I have seen more arse cracks than I ever want to again.
I have seen more boys' cheap and creepy underwear hanging out of their pants and men scatching their balls then the normal average human being.
I am so over the creeps and pervs, the eight year old love birds who insist on deep throat kissing in the kids section of the calendar stand and who get pissed off when I tell them to "GO AWAY".

welcome to my pleasure dome!!!!!!


Lisa said...

i hate calenders

Lisa said...

i hate calenders

Tania said...

Gosh I miss working at Charlestown Square..

That's a big biiiiiiig lie btw

Cyndy said...

"You're a long way from Home..... Welcome to the Pleasure Dome..."

Beloved & I had that album. We loved to play it LOUD. It was awesome. Obviously, we are very .....old....

Unlike your very own pleasure dome...

Anchell said...


that is all

8 year olds???

Kristy said...

Oh God. Sounds horrible.


Jewell said...

hmm...yes pleasure dome for sure xx