Friday, November 07, 2008

So many thoughts

So many thoughts and so little time,
Which ones are yours and which ones are mine?
Which ones did I buy off the net?
Which ones did I swallow whole
and will poison me time.

Will I speak them out
or will they go stale
will I tell the truth
or create another tale?

Do I need to have these thoughts
going round and round my head?
or could I just bend over, spill them out
and empty my head instead?

I think I have thunk enough
I think I can have a rest
My brain is busting and bursting
A brain holiday would be the best

Could my brain switch off
Could it - just for one day
No thoughts, no dreams, no fears
I think I met a man today
that hadn't thought for years.

His eyes were glassy, his face was bland
He couldn't give a rat's arse
He spat, he snarled, he swore, he moaned
His life was just a farse

He would never think again he said
He slid through every day
He didnt love, he didnt need
Nor cry, nor laugh, nor play

He was a blob
He was a scurge
so meaningless, so bland
He was a walking dead soul
just exisiting in this land

I think I'll think about all this
and then I'll think some more
I think I'll just keep thinking....
and then I'll think some more

Cause I dont want to be a blob
nor be the walking dead
So I'll keep thinking all these thoughts I got
in my big fat head.


Hippy Witch said...

I love you Renata, keep on thinking girl

Anchell said...


I think I know that man...

Too much time on your hands???

Jewell said...

love the poem...but i do wish i could switch my brain off just for one hour...or two