Sunday, November 23, 2008


We all live with the consequences of our choices, don't we?
In hindsight, would we have made those choices at all?
They may have seemed a good idea at the time.
I have made some choices to take with me into 2009.
Will they be the right ones?
Only time will tell.
But, sometimes changes just have to be made or one can, quite literally, go insane!!!!
Too many hours at the Square can send you insane!!!
Mother Mary of the ample arse ( her words not mine! ) came to visit and bought some calendars.
Helen also came to pay a visit.
Santa sat in his chair and said, "Ho, Ho, Ho" all day long.
Apparently kids are not allowed to sit on Santa's lap or have him touch them in any way - how sad that we live in a world where creepy old men feel the need to touch up kids while in a Santa costume...... and this then changes EVERYTHING.
Santa, who is a hero figure to kids all over the world, now cannot get a cuddle or kissfrom a kid who has been waiting with the greatest of anticipation all year long, nor can the kids whisper their secret wishes into his ear. They have to sit beside Santa and Santa has to stay politically correct with his hands on his knees in full view.
What have we done????

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angela said...

kinda puts you off santa, doesnt it. The photo I mean, the other stuff just puts you off people.