Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mother on Strike!

Why do things always come to a head when you are so busy that you cannot scratch yourself, let alone look wisely and calmly at a problem?
Baby girk is being a typical 14 year old - self centred, lazy and non conformist.
There is not one thing that I can ask her to do that she will take part in without a whine or whinge and I have had enough.
So I am striking...
Basic stuff like cleaning your room, helping in the house and doing your homework and really not negotiable items for any 14 year old - in this country most of their lives revolve around enjoying themselves and being social - how hard is it for these kids to do just a few things that they are asked to do, for crying out loud!!!!!
Now the man would certaily say that I have been too soft.
Yes probably.
Love is supposed to make things right, isnt it?


Anchell said...

Just ban the computer...works like a charm xxxx

Hippy Witch said...

Going on strike works well, and when they need something done remind them why you are not doing it and if they whinge about it make a deal you do this for me and I'll do that for you, your choice and walk away. I've been doing it for years.

Lisa said...

yep- hit her where it hurts- the computer

Tesah said...

I also vote for the computer

Anonymous said...

Tried the computer thing...it doesnt work..she just waits..w.w.