Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mindnumbing Boredom

Well, I really need to blog so that this day does not go down in history as a total waste of expended energy.
At least I would have left some memory of today by a blog entry.
Business is woeful - I cannot believe how bad it is.
The only grateful thing about it all is that I do not have to go through this all year long ( hmmm Michelle? ) and be witnessing my livelyhood going down the toilet.
I pity the poor small business owner who is feeling the effects of all this scare mongering by the media and the killing of Mr.and Mrs Average's miniscule savings by fat cat arse holes who were so freaking greedy that they pissed it all up against the wall.
No one is spending money - all shop keepers are just staring into space hour after hour and no one comes.....
Other than that I am glad to be home, showered, having been greeted my the man who made a curry and cooked a cake and by baby girk who gave me the biggest kiss and told me that she missed me ( must be wanting money ) and Maximus the Pug who is just plain cute!


Anchell said...

I can relate. Although this week I would kill for some mindnumbing for sure....plergh

Anchell said...

December they will be out in prepared

Jewell said...

oh well at least you get to read some

Lisa said...

it will start to pick up very soon.
i know it.

me xx

Kristy said...

Oh yuck.