Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's all about the hair!!!

I am letting it go...since I wont have it soon...and it looks like shit.
My hair, that is.

I feel like doing something funky to it before it gets shorn, like taking to it with some sissors and just going crazy..maybe???

Went and had some testing done on my middle ear to see what has been causing my vertigo, and have found out that my right ear is stuffed. Apparently my right middle ear does not send messages to my brain to balance me out, or some such thing...so I am unbalanced...well we are knew that!!!!!!


Is there something that I can do about it?
Probably not.
Just means that I may stay unbalanced for the rest of my life...ho hum.
Does this mean that I can only turn one way?
Being dizzy ( yes... DIZZY NOT DITZY )is not a pleasant sensation.
One good thing is that even though I have tinitus ( ringing in the ears )my hearing is excellent.
Yes, I CAN hear everything that the man says to me ( shhh..I'll keep pretending that I don't)


Myst_72 said...

I have seen some new stuff recently at the chemist for tinitus, no idea if it's any good.


Cyndy said...

Oh crap, Lucky!

How are you supposed to cope with that? At least it gives you an excuse to take a seat occassionally...

I have tinnitus too. It's ok most of the time, but it seems to heighten when I am tired, and trying to sleep. I haven't had it tested since '99, but I know that my hearing is compromised these days. When I put earplugs in when Beloved is snoring, sometimes the increased echoes help to block out the dulcet tones coming from next to me....

Too many concerts and too much excessively loud music... but don't tell anybody.

I shudder when I think of the damage that kids are doing to their ears with ipods.......

Anonymous said...

"dulcet tones coming from hubby" is a crack up!!!Lucky

The Tall Red Head said...

I have always had problems with my ears, and I know the feeling of being "off balanced". It is horrible and makes everyday things hard to do sometimes. Thank God an operation when I was 19 helped..I only get bad now when I have a really bad cold and my ears get blocked..

Áine said...

Ooh, you're shaving your head too? That is really cool, and you should definitely go all crazy with it before you lose your locks!

I'm sorry to hear about the dizziness!

Kathleen said...

Noticing the irony of being a Libra and being "out of balance"!

Anchell said...

Did you say you would be ditzy??

well, der............