Friday, February 22, 2008

Art class and painting rocks.

I have attended my second art class today and am in the process of painting rocks.If you have followed Hippy Witch's blog you will know that painting rocks nearly drove her insane.
I am trying to make a commitment to painting and even though I may only go twice a month, I will perservere, cause I need to.
My teacher, Tony Moffit, is a crack up and all the ladies that I have met really enjoy the classes and the company.
We all make mistakes, and all the mistakes can be fixed.
That's very, very good!
I just have to hang in there and not pike out.
By the way,
We had a great night out last night. We went to "Lotus" at the Junction to celebrate my hubby's birthday.
The meals were lovely as were desserts and coffee.

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Anchell said...

Hmmmm.....I want to come too!


good for you, Im glad you are going finally!