Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hold that thought...

I dont seem to be getting anywhere with the Worlds Greatest Shave Web site at the moment. Seems that their on line donation system is still not working.
Before you put that money back in your pocket, please put it aside and I will let you know when the website will be running properly.
Thanks to all of you who have been trying..

I was talking to some girls last night about the fact that I enjoy dreaming so much because it feels like it is almost another side of me that comes alive in them - someone who is much stronger, more self assured, more in touch with her ability to cope with anything and everything. In my dreams I can do it all.I love dreaming and I dream all night long.
Now I know that we dream in spits and spurts but I am woken from my dreaming state every morning,most times I don't even get to finish the dream.Like my whole night is filled with dreaming.
In any event, I often wake more tired than when I went to bed.
Last night I dreamt that I saw my own reflection in a mirror and the person that I saw was not how I look - I was different, very different. Different in a good way. It was surprising. Is there more than one of me?


Jen said...

maybe you saw yourself as we see you??

Kathleen said...

I like where you are going with that thought Jen!

LUCKY said...

I had some news today that has made me understand that it is time to move on from something that no longer is available to me.....to literally "put on a new face" so to speak and move onto something new ( p.s.not cottage related, dont panic raihn!)I have been waiting for this news and this afternoon I got the phone call ( to do with calendar club stuff)so I guess the dream makes sense to me in that respect.

Lisa said...

How did you know i would panic ??????????/
i started to hyperventalaite- see i cant even spell it !

Anchell said...

There are 12 of you actually

but this you is you

as you are

not as you think you are

dont let that cc monster beat you down anymore!

Hippy Witch said...

I know that you are beautiful,
being an Aquarian,(I know)

LUCKY said...

Yes Anchell, it is a bit scary to realise that you operate on so many disfunctional levels and that they are all still part of you....hope all is well with you and mum.

Kathleen said...

Well actually, we are a whole bunch of selves as SoulCollaging reveals!