Friday, February 29, 2008

Lunch at Morpeth.

Originally I was going to go to Sydney today with some of the girls from the Cottage - but as most of us are financially cash strapped we cancelled the whole affair - quite a shame as it turned out to be such a perfect day.
So I decided to take my friend Sandy down to Morpeth for the day instead.
How glorious!
We spent the afternoon wandering through all the niky naky shops, each one more expensive than the next ( obviously catering to the lucrative Syndey market )...but some of the stuff was really cute.

We had a lovely lunch at one of the many coffee shops overlooking the Hunter River and poked around for another hour or two with a final cappuccino and banana bread before heading for home.

It was a lovely, easy, relaxing day.

A guy called Ian had a little psychic reading shop in one of the back lookes really interesting and quaint. I could really see myself doing something similar.Such a cool little setup!

12 days to go before I get my head shaved.
With everyone's help I have already raised over $300.
I would love to make it to $1000.


Hippy Witch said...

What a lovely day you have had. Would love to do that in the near future, the family took me there many moons ago for mothers day breakfast, I think they should do that again this year.

Bee said...

morpeth is so cool,expensive but cool,,