Sunday, March 02, 2008

10 days to go!

10 days to no hair!!!
Please support us and send us some money now!
I will be doing some fundraising at Wallsend Plaza this Wednesday with Helen.

Other than that, spent the weekend chasing my tail....
On Sunday we tried to organise tiles for our upstairs bathroom and order a vanity and bathtub, neither of which we successfully accomplished.

The doctor from down the road has been getting rid of stuff again, and I have managed to score a cork message board and a mini hi fi system ( not sure if it works yet).
I told my husband that the doc should just save himself the trouble and bring the whole lot down to our least it encourages me to walk, every time I walk past there is something new out.


Anchell said...

Score me a new lounge please and a truck that works with muscly men on it

Anonymous said...

I tried to sponsor you this morning, not sure if it has worked or not...please let me know if it didn't.