Monday, March 03, 2008

Headache of Massive Proportions!

Ouch...I cannot see!!!!
My head is bursting.Am battling through tension headache this morning.
Have been a stress head over the last two days and so now I am paying the price.
My car has pooped itself and is costing big bikkies to repair ( hopeless piece of shit ).Why does one simple plasticky/ metally bit that does very little at all, cost so much friggin money???? Just because you have to take the engine out to get to said friggin piece of crap to replace it! Pish posh.....that's just un - Australian.

Still needing to buy tiles for the bathroom and bathtub,basin, shower and all the rest.....Now there is cheap and tacky and then there is horrendously expensive for something that doesn't look much different from cheap and tacky.
Why do all tiles look the same?
There is either old fashioned or glass tiles.
Why cant colours match?
Why does it appear that stock is available but when you ask it isnt?

Have I hit you up for a donation for World's Greatest Shave yet?
Beware then....cause I'm commin!!!!!!!


Lisa said...

poor baby- do you want me to do tonight for you? you sound a wreck !
everything ready to go at the cottage- you guys score the big room tonight, you will need it !!

Anchell said...

I am first in line for your husband and I dont care what he wears.......

Anchell said...

Poor you, I hate headaches

Cyndy said...

My that Anchell is greedy......

I hope you feel better.

Kathleen said...

Pooh to cars that don't want to be cars!