Friday, March 07, 2008

Moving Anchell to the Backpassage and No milk for a simple cuppa!

A good night had by all for Maureen last night.I missed the meal as we were helping Anchell pack the truck to move to the arse end of town, but got there to enjoy dessert.....NOT.
The rotten place ran out of milk!

Maybe I had something to do with it, cause I opened my big mouth and said that "knowing our luck, the place would run out of something".

So, we went back to the Cottage and had dessert supplied by Deb.

Maybe Lisa can put a sign out the front....

Today we also helped the Anchell family relocate to the backpassage with the help of a hired truck and 65,000 family members who worked thier little tooshes off.
Nice place, backpassage.
Pity it's so far away.

Anchell's new place is cool accept for the steep driveway that will see us all needing knee replacements next week.
It's amazing how much stuff we collect over time. It's only when we need to move do we realise what we have accumulated.
This weekends experience has made me vow never to even think about moving...ever.
But it felt good to be able to help someone else do it.
Good luck Anchell!


Bee said...

you are good people xxx

Lisa said...

i like you alot
no milk..........pah

Anchell said...

You are a star