Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is it over yet?

The Shroud of Turin is in the news again...more testing to be done this year to check it's authenticity. Didn't they already acknowledge the fact that it was actually created in the 12th century?
mmmm, obviously they will retest and retest until someone works it back to when J.C. died. I guess it goes to show us how strong beliefs can be, whether it is right or wrong and even in the face of evidence that disproves it.

We all know that the church was great at selling 'the thigh bone of St. Jude" and "the left nostril of St.Benedict" for centuries, why not create the ultimate of relics?

Maybe the Pope was short of a few gold coins to throw into the local pokies at the Vatican Vegas and commissioned some guy to whip up a relic or two for a quick buck?

Last night's turn out for Yaad 2008 was great - I am looking forward to a muchly interesting group of vocal and challenging students.
Feaster is nearly over for another year - for those of you who might be thinking that I am a heartless bitch for not giving the baby girl her chocs yesterday, she got heaps at her grandmas and we gave her ours this morning.So there...

My intention for today is to do as little as possible!

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Anchell said...

My kids got a PC router and a set top converter box for the NEW BLOODY telly.

They got enough eggs from elsewhere too!

Heartless bitches are we?