Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eye test, tile fest, book quest

Just come back from the optometrist - had an eye checkup and am getting some new specs to go with my new do.Eyes are fine.
Having an issue with the scabby tiles we got this weekend and we will probably pack the load of shit in the car and return them at some stage today.They are all scratched.

Also heading into "Boarders" - the man has downloaded some discount vouchers and we mean to use them!

Baby girl did finish her assignment yesterday - thank the Goddess.
It took her all day.
Must kick her arse.

Me, I am fine.
It's Monday and Easter is at the end of this week whic means spending time with various parentals ( Raihn word ).Ho hum.

My grown up girl is getting her new second hand car this week.
She is very excited. Even though it is still a 10 year old car, it is in pretty good nick, and has far less rust than what she is driving around in now! Plus it is red - so it goes faster.


Kathleen said...

On the way back you could swing by and collect the pallet of black tiles we have - we bought for $5 for no reason at all at a auction, not scratched, just cobwebby!

Tesah said...

Lol, gotta love the red cars!