Tuesday, March 11, 2008


When did today sneek up?
I wasnt watching......

Did not sleep well last night, kept waking up thinking...fark
Should not have seen Heidi last night (sorry heidi, but you have such a cute profile
and I dont)
Deb - you have to promise me a number 3!!!
Or, I will hunt you down and kill you!

Now that today is here, I can't wait -
The man took off a bit last night and I might get him to cut another chunk before I go in to the cottage - then I really, really cannot say no.

I have had a shaved head breafast this morning - bacon and eggs (sorry to the veges out there ).
I figure I need the protein.
Now I will wash my hair, while I still have it and then I will make a few batches of scones to sell this afternoon.
Should be a fun day!

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