Monday, March 24, 2008

Corn flakes and old guys

News flash.....
SOme girl in America put a corn flake up on ebay and got bids to the value of $200,000 cause it looked like one of the states of America....
Ebay pulled it...but it went back on and sold for $1350.00.
I am off to the shops right now...
Also the last and oldest French World War One veteran has just been buried having been given a state funeral.
He was 110.
Now that's amazing..

Today is a new day.
I am a scary mother who is cracking the whip.
I am buying paints to start my collection - I AM going to keep painting even if it frustrates me.
Tonight is YAAD.
I am very lazy and need to get motivated - does anyone know how to do that?
It is so easy to fall into bad patterns.
So many bright ideas, but they are just ideas...someone give me a kick up the bum please!
get in line and stop pushing..
you will all get your turn.

1 comment:

Jen said...

after they kick you they can come and kick me.... please