Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Day after the Night before!

Well, it is done.
I was so high on adrenalin last night that I found it hard to have a decent sleep.
What a wild day it much energy was there at the Cottage when we started to shave!
It was a pretty special day.
I think it will stay a memorable event in Cottage history.

Thanks go to Lisa for continuing her Cottage dream - last night is a true example of what it is all about.

Thanks to Helen for inspiring me to go for the chop and for all of her hard work. It has been a few hard weeks fundraising.And we all must remember that you have baby Bear to organise too! What a champion!

To Heidi who just looked fantastic and got us all excited ( and scared ) by getting her hair cut a few days earlier.

And to all of those that turned up yesterday and donated their time, cakes, money, love and laughter.
You all made it very, very easy to do something that would otherwise may have been very intimidating.
I got another $130 this morning from one of the people that I asked to raise some money for me so I am up to $860, not including the big tin and all the other little tins that Helen has...we might just get to $1500!!!!!
How bloody brilliant is that.

I will post some photos soon, but if you want to see some today go to Helen's Blog, she has some on right now!


Kathleen said...

Totally gorgeous and courageous!!!

Love to you

Hippy Witch said...

You are brilliant, and you look beautiful.