Sunday, March 09, 2008

This is the week!

Well, only two more days and it's all happening.
My sister in law has managed to raise $350 from her work - wow
I also scabbed $10 from my doctor this morning.

I think I should have about $500 so far - a bit less than the $1000 I was hoping for.
I know that this Wednesday will be successful and I am sure that between Helen and myself and the help of the Cottage regulars and guests we will make it to $1000.

It will be a very cathartic experience, humbling yet hopefully, empowering.
It's only hair right?

I have always had a love / hate relationship with my hair ( more hate that love ) and having gone grey very early, it was a constant battle to keep up the colouring.
I remember several horrible experiences where my hair went bright orange and I had to make a mad dash to the chemist in a beanie to buy another colour to cover my mistake...crazy stuff.

Having a gorgeous crowning glory is a beautiful thing and I am envious of anyone who has such a thing ( yes, you Anchell ) - also age plays a part. Certainly little or no hair is more appealing on a 20-30 something than a 40 something...but it's not all about me and how I feel is in the whole scheme of things quite irrelevant and very egotistical and off it goes.
Yeh baby!!!!!!


Lisa said...

you will be so frikken boof-tul that people will stop in the street and stare !!!!!!!!!!!!!
we will make it to 1000, if i have to sell my ample body to do it !!!!!!

Cyndy said...

You are amazing, Lucky !

LUCKY said...

Yeh they will stop in the street to stare allright Lisa and they will also point and whisper to each other and hush screaming chidren..........Lucky

The Tall Red Head said...

Good luck today!!!! Blog photos as well.....

Lisa said...

shit- its really happening

Kathleen said...

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaa, today is the day of sporting a fresh new look!

Will be there to support you : )

Jen said...

woo hoo di hoo

cant wait

you will be like a sweet little ping pong ball, without the pong!!

Lisa said...