Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I need a cappuccino!!!

I have been getting up at about 6.30am over the past two weeks to complete darkness. I peer out of the kitchen window and put the jug on for the first cup of the day and it is just so peaceful and quiet.
When day light saving stops this weekend, I guess it will be a lot lighter, so I have only a few mornings left of watching the sun come up.
Yes, I know I could get up earlier...but, duh

I went down to Glendale to buy toilet paper as baby girl had just used the last sheet before striding off the catch the bus and I used that as an excuse to stop at Brumby's to buy a cappuccino ( Brumby's make good coffee ).

I have decided that I am quite addicted to cappuccino's and will save thousands of dollars if I just go and buy myself a decent machine to have at home.I also now know that I can buy ground decaffinated beans at the local Gloria Jeans.And it's good stuff.
Will work on that.

Also we had a bad pizza experience on the weekend - must warn you local people,
Warning, warning!!!!!!

Small Americana pizza from Don Peppino's at Merewether $12.

Look on my face when I opened the pizza box AND LOOKED AT THE PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT INSIDE - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

Never, ever, ever buy your pizza from Don Peppino's.
In fact, don't even drive past.
You will experience more joy and flavour if you put that $10 note in between two slices of whole meal bread ( with no butter ) and ate it with a glass of tap water.

Stay away.

They have a hand written sign inside the restaurant saying that the magificent traditional food is made by some traditional old italian ladies who have been making the pizza and pasta there for the last 28 years.

Well, I think those ladies must be about 136 years old, have dementia and have forgotten the recipe.

The man has been telling me how he used to go to Don Peppino's when he first came to Australia nd remembered how great the pizzas were - so I thought well, lets go and test out how they are now as compared with how they were back then.

You know how you get that gut feeling that you just may be making a mistake?

We both had a tinge of it....
but no, we were determined to see it through.
So we placed an order, waited 20 minutes and collected the pizzas.
Back in the car, I dared to open the box and took one look inside and well...
What a joke...that was supposed to be a pizza?....
McCains from the supermarket looks a million dollars compared to what we got.
Black and Gold pizza has more ingredients than what we got.
It was so bad, we were tempted to take it straight back, but the man said that maybe there was a hidden flavour experience just lurking on that miserable looking imposter of a pizza.
So we took the pizza home, poured a glass of wine...
and were bitterly dissapointed when there was no flavour to be found anywhere.
The pizza box would have had more flavour.
The whole thing was so bad that the man rang up Don Peppino's and abused them.

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Kathleen said...

I love Pizza! I will stay away from Don's (never heard of him before anyway) ... don't mess with the Faerie's pizza or you will know some real pain!!!

As for getting up early, can anybody beat 4.00am ... ? I should come around for coffee if you are up too!