Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Heavens to Mergatroid!!!!

Yesterday's fundraising effort at Wallsend Plaza raised about $100 - not too shabby!
We were there all day and felt rather burnt out by the end of it. Must say, it was quite an enjoyabe experience, we spoke to some really nice people.

There was one young lady who had obviously had chemo, her hair was thin and wispy and she laughed when we said that we were going to be shaving next week - she commented on the fact that she had been trying to grow her hair after chemo treatment. It had taken her five years to get her hair to the length that it currently was - that's when the reality of it all struck us both.

Other than that, baby girl visited the orthadontist for a very eye opening appointment about what awaits her in the world of braces - hmmmm...
Total cost before reimbursments - $5800.
But, poor lovely child needs to have a perfect smile, instead of a sticky outy tooth so we will be heading down that road shortly, when I recover from the shock of the cost.

My precious piece of swedish shit is back home ( the automobile ) and our pockets are $600 lighter.

Good thing we have that money printing press working overtime in the garage, cause we were running out of yellow backs...

Also we have now booked all of our overseas accomodation in "down the road" and "around the corner" establishments - never let it be said that I do not try to get the best deal available!
Great thing, that google earth web site.

You can actually go to your hotel destination and check out where it is.
This helped us change our accomodation on Langkawi. We had originally decided on a more upmarket and more expensive hotel, but when the man located it on google earth, we saw that it was at an isloated part of the island which meant that if we wished to go down the main street, we would have had to get a taxi.Anywhere outside of the hotel, meant a trip of at least 15 - 20 minutes. Good, if you want isolation, bad if you want cheap food and shopping.

So, we did some more research and saved ourselves $600 ( note...same amount that the shit box has just cost us! )and booked a smaller place just down from the restauarants and shopping centre of the island.Still a really nice looking place ( well it looks good on the internet web site ).
Thankyou google earth....


Lisa said...

can you let me know the dates you will be away?

Rylah/Jacqui said...

Congrats on the fund-raising - you guys did great!

Google Earth is so cool.... I luv it but my pc is too slow to run it properly :(

Kathleen said...

Most excellent fund-raisers!!!

... too bad you can't raise funds for children's dental work in the same way!

... as for cars, you could threaten to leave it at the recyclers next time it want's it's insides tickled!

I must check out google earth!