Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a day!

Spent all day with my homies - the sista's from the block.
Am starting to get hooked on art class - my tutor has been chosen to exhibit in China as one of the 35 most influential artists in Australia. How cool!

I am more that half way through my first painting..maybe two more lessons and I will be done. ( maybe three )
And then I will do another one, very much the same so that I can work out how to remember how to do things.It is much harder than it looks.It can be so frustrating when you know what you want something to look like but when you touch the canvas with paint it comes out like crap.

this weekend sees me chillin'.
Tomorrow big daughter picks up new car.
Baby girl will sleep all day.She is very tired and needs a rest.
The man has worked up a sweat mowing lawns and wipper snipping all day - so he will be taking it easy
after all it is good Friday and

the shops are closed for one whole day and the world is in turmoil with a frenzied attack on all supermarkets..
Obviously people are worried that they are going to starve - cause they are buying like there is no tomorrow.

May the force be with you.

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Lisa said...

yes we are cool homies and sistas.........dont we have a wonderful circle renata?
we are so blessed xxxx