Monday, February 18, 2008

The Gentle art of Blogging

As I went through everyone's blogs today I thought of the fact that really, the only thing that we can all count on is change.

Circumstances, health, people, they all change.... continually.
And we have witnessed this time and time again on all of our blogs.
We have been witness to illnesses coming and going, death, relationship issues,personal emotional turmoil.
We have all gone through it, and I have read and written all about it in the very short span of about the last 18 months.

I am glad I have gone through my shit and am out the other side and if nothing else, when you are in the thick of your own mess then our blogging is a testament to the fact that your circumstances will eventually change yet again.So stay in there....don't give up.None of you!

There have been times when I have been jealous of others circumstances, felt sorry for others problems, been sad with others for their losses, supported others for their decisions and scolded others for theirs.

When we chose to live, we chose to go through the good and the bad.

When we chose to blog, we allow others into our lives and we creep into theirs.

It IS fun and it IS life.

Please keep blogging.


Lisa said...

Yes to all.
I think for many of us blogging is as useful and helpful as therapy. i think of the blogs as an extension fo the cottage and what we do there.......
oh and btw
love you elf xxx

The Tall Red Head said...

you are so right there....I would have been a dribbling mess without being able to blog all my crap out. I always feel better after having a big rant on my blog.

Oh, and it has helped me meet a fantastic bunch of people who I can't wait to meet...

Cyndy said...


Myst_72 said...

Well said!


Anchell said...


Anchell said...


Kathleen said...

You can count on it!

Cyndy said...

You might have been a dribbling mess, Toni without it, but I just dribble... lol