Thursday, February 19, 2009

D-Day for the Windswept and Interesting Artiste!!!

Well I have just got back from the Christian Den in town where they are holding my art works captive and I must say they look damn good!
There are three artists works on display plus a phographer.
All Newcastle stuff.
Tony and I and the photographer are all very traditional works and the other bloke does quite quirky very clouroful slightly abstract works.
All very nice!
They look like they will be having a packed house tonight, so I remain forver hopeful!
Must have a glass of wine tonight as I sit nervously thinking that a whole lot of people that I do not know are looking at my pictures.
Very exciting indeed.
The man's birthday tomorrow.
He is 44.
Still a baby.
We are doing pizza tomorrow night in Hamilton ( so sorry Diana that I will miss your Witch's Kitchen )probably coffee and cake at Euro Bar.
He must be pampered all day long...
I need to take some pictures of Newcastle...some really ice spots so that I can get inspired to do more paintings..
Anyone got any ideas or favourite spots that they can recommend??


Michelle said...

Am sending you lots of $$$


Lisa said...

what about rose cottage ?
its certainly a newcastle land mark of the wiccan variety- or sandgate cemetery or me even xx

Lisa said...

visualising red dots on beautiful art work

Jen said...

what about civic park fountain?? or the library with those big tall statues out the front??

And woo hoo you go girl!!! They will be all sold in five minutes flat, you watch...


p.s. - i gave you an award on my blog!!

Natalie said...

As did I, First! Ner,Ner, Jen!

I love the view from King Edward Park
looking down to sea, across the flower beds.

Morpeth ~ old Buildings, Bridge, willows etc

You go girl! xx

Anonymous said...

Yes Thanks Jen and Nat - I am working on a Civic Park fountain right now and am going to head down to Morpeth when it eventually stops raining.
Thanks for the tips...w.w.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to 'the man'...

hugs and kisses of the non sloppy variety :0)

How'd the exhibition go???

Kathleen said...

Very Exciting!

I don't know of any ice spots in Newcastle - perhaps Jims at Hamilton? (heheehe)

Happy Birthday to the Man!

Anonymous said...

Yes...lots of "ice" spots in Newie....w.w.