Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saying goodbye to the babies!

I went in to deliver my art works today ( to the Christians!!!! ).
My babies!!!!

They are going to be stared at,
Snorted at.
Snoffed at.
Possibly admired.
Maybe purchased.

I cannot go to the exhibition night as it is "by ticket purchase only".
There will be a Jazz band.
And lots of Christians. Don't get me wrong -
Nothing against Christians by the way, I used to be one!


Lisa said...

so none of us can go ? fark!

Michelle said...

You dont get a ticket??

Lousy friggen people...I bet Teacher got one...


Rab said...

...Especially admired and purchased. My fingers are crossed for you.

Natalie said...

OOH! Big Occasion, best of luck with it.xx

P.s. Your baby is loved here, at Natsy's house.

jewell said...

will be sending lots of purchasing energy to all the people there

Anonymous said...

Teach does not go to exhibitions, never, ever....and Nat, bless you for giving my baby a good home!w.w.

Anonymous said...

Tha paintings will be up all Friday.I am going to pop in when the man comes home from work at about 4pm.I called them this afternoon and the last artist has not delivered his stuff yet.w.w.

Lisa said...

smart artist- how about you get a followers thing in your side bar- tell arek it is in the gadgets section- then youll know who is watching you .......whoo hoo xx

Anonymous said...

Dont know whether I want to know my stalkers.....sometimes staying unknown is a good thing. Got one on my art site!w.w.