Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Frikken Fridge!

Our fridge has been on the fritz again ( this is the one we have had for onyl 16 months ). So the men came and finally taken it away to replace the compressor.
All well and good, but we now have to wait two weeks to get our fridge back.
We have received a replacement, but it is much smaller than our fridge and by the time I put back all the jars of shit that i had, the fridge was full!!!
Where do I put the actual food????????
all the fresh food that we had bought over the past two weeks has slowly gone off as the fridge was never at the right temperature.
So things had to be thrown after only a day or two.
Total crap.
We have spent so much on food lately and much of it has has to be chucked cause we are too afraid to eat it.
Anyone any ideas on compensation for this loss???
I had to remove all the food from the fridge this morning and the removalists did not come till 11.30.
So all my food was sitting on the kitchen bench for 4 hours......not good.


Natalie said...

Fridges smidges!

I tell ya: Dad and Nolly went away for 6 weeks and while they were away there was a blackout at their house.
Every thing was ROTTEN! and Nolly (stepmum) had to clean it out whilst vomiting.
They bought a new fridge and went away for Christmas. It happened AGAIN! Two Full lots of food. EEUUWWE!

Just chuck it. xx

Lisa said...

am with Nat- and claim the spoilage on your contents insurance !

Michelle said...

Oh poo!

Cyndy said...

I'm sure that it could be claimed on your contents insurance, ww. It's never worth eating food that you have doubts about. Mind you, you'd have trouble convincing the older generations of that: they still tend to behave as if that 3 week old piece of corned meat may be needed for their last meal.....and the week old cooked veges will heat up nicely...mmm....

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Cyndy you were obviously watching my parent's kitchen for the last ten years....w.w.

dragonesque said...

If your fridge is being fixed under warranty, there is usually coverage from the manufacturer for food spoilage as well. We bought a freezer a few years ago and after loading it up with all our frozen goods we opened it the next day to find it tepid and the food spoiling. We had it replaced and went through the same process with the replacement freezer doing the same thing! This one was also replaced and it has been running perfectly since (touch wood). In discussions with the manufacturer, I asked about the loss of food and they sent me a form on which I just had to list the items and the value and both losses were compensated for. If you can claim from the manufacturer you wont incur an excess as you would with home contents insurance and it wont affect your insurance premiums. I hope this works out well for you as it's ridiculous how expensive white goods are so short term these days and are practically throw away items when they breakdown.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys..w.w.

jewell said...

hey with you...are fridge is on the blink and we cant get anyone to look at it till tomorrow....frezzers working just not fridge.....