Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last day left before baby goes back to school!

Tomorrow I am out and about with baby girl getting the last bits together before she starts another year of school.
That is....
if I can get her off the computer.
I think she has grown into the seat, just like that poor lady in America who "grew into the couch" when she had not moved in years and they had to remove parts of her flesh as they tried to prize her off her beloved piece of furniture away from the tv set.
So we are heading to Kotara for some retail therapy.
I am still feeling rather weary and worn and am waiting for quiet solititude to force me to get into the house work.
I HAVE gone through all my clothes and sorted all the crap out, which will be going to the Smith Family.
At least that's a start.


Lisa said...

the recovery period from c/c seems to be longer this year - i think you have finshed at the right time xx

Hippy Witch said...

Im trying to get motivated to clean out a book case and move it so that i can set up my art studio in the house, it is to hot to sit down the back and paint. And you want me to get some done for our exhibition, so I figure they are not going to paint themselves, I had better get crackin.