Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At last I got to see Monet

What an amazing day!
Not only was I able to spend the whole day with my family but we also headed to Sydney to catch the Impressionist Exhibition at the Art Gallery before it finishes at the end of the week.
It was amazing, moving, stunning ....
To see the real thing..
The real paintings created by these artists that I have heard about and admired ever since I read about them as a young girl.
The paintings are superb.
I had a ball.
There were still plenty of people about and sometimes it was was hard to have a good look without someones head getting in the way.


Natalie said...

What can you say about impressionist art that hasn't already been said before?



Lisa said...

did you buy one ?
silly question.ofcourse you did xx

Anonymous said...

Yes...I actually bought one for each room, they were cheap enough....got one for you too, hope you like it!!!!w.w.