Saturday, December 13, 2008

and the heavens opened...

and rained down the multitudes of humanity with their bonus Christmas cheques from Uncle Kevin and they spent heaps of money..
and it was good.
Now I am over it and I want them all to go away.
Cause they are all feral.
And they make a mess.
And they abuse me for looking at them the wrong way.
And for not knowing how to be in two places at the same time.
I have had three solid days of trade and this has helped somewhat..
I am over Christmas carols, after having heard them non stop from 10am to 8pm last Thursday.
I do not want to hear, "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and any songs about Jesus ever again.
All those people buying all that shit while listening to carols and children screaming like they are having their intestines removed through their arses and husbands yelling at wives for spending money on shit ....
and the joy of it all.
Ho Hum..
Bah Humbug...
back to the Pleasure Dome tomorrow.


Natalie said...

Right now , more than anything ,

I want to be one of those feral mamas with feral husband and feral kids in tow.

WhY? Cause they have the money and they can.

When I finally get up there, hopefully most of the ferals will have spent their Kevin money and gone home.

Poor you, and all others that have to work the Christmas gig.

Bah Humbug indeed.

Anchell said...


They havent been lined up at the orifice to pay their rent I must say


Anonymous said...

why what ever was wrong with those lovly carols on Thurs ngt!!!! Jewell

cant get into my not very happy JAN

Anonymous said...

Mahbe they reminded you of home Jewell, and I am sure that they evoked happy memories....but I had had enough by that stage.....hours of listening to kids butcher to pieces jingle bells and rudolf the red nosed reindeer and thinking...what does this have to do with us and with all these crazy people who are yelling at each other and smacking their kids that are high on Maccas and red cordial???w.w

Lisa said...

well sales have picked up have they not?
get to gratitude elf......i didnt get any kevin money -------sob