Thursday, October 02, 2008

Did you know that I am going to be ancient soon?

Yes, that day is looming on my horizon....
10 days to go..
I will be so old!
Time to turn over a new leaf and cause some changes..
Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Now if you asked the man that question, he would say that I am incapable of change.
Maybe I cannot change?
I guess time will tell if the getting to 50 experience is just another day or the start of something big!
Michelle says that I need to grow into my art - I agree, I have to find my own style and this will be an endeavour of mine in 2009. I guess that the structure of going to class keeps me motivated to produce art as I have to have "something" every week. I worry that if I do not have a class to go to that I will slacken off and posibly stop and I do not want to risk stopping. It will be hard enough to fit in some sort or painting while I am working.I am sure that Michelle knows that frustration well.

by the way,
I am getting one and a half tons of calendars tomorrow...
yippee ( not )..


Lisa said...

we live in a society that does not treausre our senior citz enough !!

I am excited about your birthday and the Witches kitchen with PJ's and presents.

and i am working on the 'you know what' as we speak.......

btw , how was class tonight ?

Anchell said...


my mums bday is the 13th and she is having party on the sat night...I am mightily cranky about this and cant even tell her because she will feel awful.

I want to come wearing pjs!

Grrrrrrrrrrr to cc mountains

Faerie said...

You will be able to to wear the official dress of the Red Hat Society!

(Red Had and Purple clothing is only allowed for women 50 and over!!!)


Anonymous said...

Hi there ohh soon to be ancient one,I too am an ancient one and I have learned many new tricks ...also its the start of something be sure..enjoy it.see you Sat night xxxxkay

Cyndy said...

50 does not = ancient.

It can't possibly.

Because it is not all that long before I will be there myself.

And I am definitely not wise enough.

Or mature enough.

I certainly don't want to be grown up enough... ;0)

Anonymous said...

This is not helping ladies!!!!!!
I still feel horribly old and the craggy ugly face that stares back at me in the mirror is not helping either......Michelle....what can I say?????? Mum is more important...I know that I will be around for my next birthday, your mum hopefully will be need to be there right now.
Faerie, I DO NOT WANT TO WEAR PURPLE AND, no , no.....w.w.

Lisa said...

ha ha- life in the old girl yet !!

Jen said...

wish i could come... sniff sniff

Jewell said...

oh come on now what ever is wrong with red and could be a great hair colour for the day!!!!

Faerie said...

I thought it might be a good (new) look for you :-)

Cheeky Faerie!