Friday, October 17, 2008

It's vewy, vwey, qwiet!!!!!

Where is everybody?
Oh, that's right...
they are at Stroud enjoying themselves....
and I am here, clearly not.

Nevertheless, I need to make the most of it I guess.

We have had issues with the last ritual at the Cottage.
I think the full moon had much to do with it = she can really play with our heads and hearts.

I understand all points of view.
I wish someone would have shared these concerns with me - I always get this news second or third hand, after it happens. My opinion seems not to be needed.

Maybe that is a cue to keep my opinions to myself maybe???

No worries.
I am hoping that all is well at the convent and that the ladies are behaving themselves.

I am sure that I will, as usual, get all the news second or third hand upon their return.


Anonymous said...

really how could we share our concerns on the night

Anchell said...

I wish I knew what you were talking about...
I do know how frustrating it is to be somewhere else and not know whats going on though so I am empathy!

I will come see you at the 'hole' when Im in town next week sometime.


Tania said...

I saw the ritual as a learning experience for the person who created it and for us who were sharing it.
I hope all the people who are complaining about it, run their ritual to perfection when it's their turn, because I would hate for them to think they put so much effort into something special only to be criticised.
Yes there were a few things that could have been done differently, and now we all know. Personally I found the worse thing to be the swearing that was going on in the circle.
The issues could have been gently discussed, laughed off and a lesson learned.
It was special, it was created out of love, she was nervous and just wanted people to be happy :)

Anonymous said...

It is vwey vwry qwiet .I bet they are having a great time ,, anywho I am off to Thailand in a minute. Vicki xxxx

Lisa said...

i have never attended a 'perfect' ritual yet and from what i ahve gathered from both Maggie an dthe others in attendace, so much of what has caused disaccord, happened BEFORE anyone arrived and NOT during the ritual itself. I have had postive feedback about the ritual and negetive as well- this is to be expected whenever ANYONE does a ritual, and Knowing Maggie as I do, I am certain that this ritual was written with love and conviction.

I am so over this.....really xx