Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maximus the Bonking puppy.

Yes, yesterday little baby Maximus, all of 4 months old attacked one of his toys and started the dreaded "humpy humpy"...
How could this be?
He is only a baby.
and today I attended a committee meeting at the Cottage and Maximus started on the poodle boy Trev.
I won't be able to take him anywhere..

Boy, this stock market thing has ripped the crotch out of the calendar sales.
This has been a disasterous start to the season.
I am sitting there for hours bored out of my little brain.
What I do want to do is sell, sell,sell...as I work on commission it really does not pay me to be doing nothing.
But what can you do?
Also our other car is terminally ill.
We need major surgery and the car is currently at the mechanic's waiting for a new artery and heart or something...
does it ever end?
I guess it will be another visit to Mr.Bank Manager soon.....
"Hello...remember us?"


Lisa said...

put him out to stud......he can earn massive bucks - get him a women and go into pug breeding- you would be rich in no time.........
Trev is in the shower, scrubbing, saying 'i feel so dirty ! '

Anonymous said...

Can't you do a witchy spell to get the punters in?