Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry all .....I have been away!

Hi folks.
I have been away in Melbourne for a few days. Forgot to mention it to most everyone,as I was so sick last week it just was not on the agenda.
But we had planned this trip for weeks.
Went to the Spellbox and ofcourse saw many, many things that were gorgeous but also went to the other Spellbox that can be found up the back street and it has all changed! No more a retail shop it is now a dedicated "Witch's House" only doing readings, workshops and it has a full range of herbs and resins for spell crafting.
It is totally wonderful but I was astounded by the changes. I asked why they decided to make it a "Witch's House" rather than a retail outlet, but they just said that it was time for changes to occur.
While in Melbourne I always get to look at some of this season's new calendars and there is some nice stuff coming our way..

Did some shopping, bought lots of coffee and cake, visited the Queen Victoria Markets and baby girk went to another Anime Convention with a friend of hers from Geelong and a friend who had come down from Queensland to visit.
We stayed at a dumpy place in town that had a great location but was full of students who partied all night - therefore preventing us from sleeping.
Am as tired as hell..


Jewell said...

glad your back, glad you enjoyed the trip

Faerie said...

All is well in the world!

Glad you had a great time ... I love visiting "The SpellBox" too!

(poo to staying at the student party house!)

Lisa said...

are you ok ?