Wednesday, September 10, 2008

World Youth Day Virus and bloody Horseshoe Beach!

Well it seems that all of those lovely Christian pilgrims left some very nasty germs in Australia, and now many people are getting quite sick with various fluey, virusy, squirty types of nasty things as a result.
that's what you get for letting all those lovely young people in the country...
where was border security????

went to art class yesterday and asked for forgiveness and for HELP....
as I could not bear to over paint another rock in my latest artistic creation.
So I chucked a hissy fit spack..
stomped my feet..
and Tony sent me to the "quiet room" to reflect and contemplate
where he sends all of his naughty students..
where I was given instruction on how to fix the error of my ways.

Things improved.
The painting has improved.
I will leave it now and finish it next class.


Tania said...

You're a beautiful artist, spack attacks are great for creativity! (when they stop of course) :)

Anchell said...

The naughty corner??

I wanted to see that!

Faerie said...

spack attacks are part of the process and journey :-)

Lisa said...

what the hell was wrong with your rock !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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