Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Happy Ostara to all!
A time for new beginnings and heralding in the spring - and some such stuff!

Wanted to go get a hair cut yesterday, cause I feel kind of ordinary after my week as a sicky girl, and I went down to Wallsend and could not find one hairdresser with a vacancy...and believe me there are 10 salons in very close proximity to one another!
So I came home, after fumbling around, as ordinary as ever and thinking that things must not be too bad out there with all of these women having 1) time in the middle of the day to make themselves "bootiful" and 2) the money to do said "bootifying".
I have a thing about salons....they terrify me...I just do not like them..maybe it's the mirrors....I am forced to sit there and look at myself..ewwwww.
I could think of many other more pleasant things to do.
Still need a hair cut.


Anchell said...

Go to mine at Adamstown, reasonably priced, good with colour and nice to boot.


Tania said...

I hate all those mirrors too! I avoid looking at myself while they're doing my hair. Much preferred it when Liza did my hair at her place and I watched tv while she did it, I would rather go to a hairdressers like that, tvs instead of mirrors!

Lisa said...

ill shave it for you !!

Kristy said...

I got mine all cut off yesterday. Its now well above my shoulders.

Took me a week to get the appointment, I only got it because there was a cancellation, and the guy is booked out almost till Xmas.


Faerie said...

"I walked right in and sat right down ..." this morning and got my bushy hair trimmed with a whipper snipper ... the things I do to make myself look spiffy for the Sydney-siders. (I went to Just Cuts at Westfields)

Jen said...

i hate it too - so i only go once a year or so... i know.. it shows

i go to Donnas at New Lambton - cheap and good