Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's wet...

Boy, it has rained over the last few days hasn't it? I dont think it's over either.
My neck has been giving me curry over the last two days and I spend most of my day with a hot water bottle as my best friend.
Went to have our tax done yesterday - phew, glad that it is over with.
Older girl still looking for a new place of residence - she has a few to consider and I am sill trying to steer her to share rather than rent on her own.
Man is at work and loving it (NOT)!!!!!
Puppy is on my knees, sleeping, as I type.
I am frustrated with my latest masterpiece ( too many rocks.....)
Baby girk waiting to go to Melbourne at the end of the month to see a good friend and go to another Anime festival.
All is well....


Lisa said...

baby girk will soon becoem anime and personally, i thing big girk would be better on her own- sharing doesnt seem to work for her

Tania said...

I love your painting! If I paid you, would you paint something for me??? pretty please? :)

Anchell said...

What did teacher say? Bet he was impressed

Do osmething with no rocks!

Anonymous said...

yeah...teacher was happy.
but this current one I am doing has taught me to pull my head in if I even entertained the idea that I could do this stuff.....w.w.