Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here they are!

Here are my latest two finished masterpieces!!!!!!


This is the one I had problems with....too many rocks and a slightly larger canvas than I have done before...but now it's done.


The man calls this one my picture of goalposts on the beach.

Please comment........

I have another one in the works, which is about half done of an old shed that I took a picture of when we where in the vineyards a few weeks ago and I started another one today, another beach scene with seagulls that has been commissioned by grown up daughter for her new flat.


Jen said...

Now Renata, you know what happens when you ASK for comments, no-one every does.

So here I am going against the trend.

I love them. Both of them, but I especially love the goalposts one -most excellent!!!

Hope you are well soon Old Girl


Anonymous said...

Wow..that was a quick reply...I'm glad you like my goalposts...I kinda like them too...maybe I might get some more comments..lets see...I dare them all.....w.w.

Tania said...

Oh Renata, Your talent is amazing! Horseshoe beach looks brilliant! I might have to save up and get a bigger canvas! x

Jewell said...

wow, love the beach..did the rocks drive you mad?

how about a big old oak tree?

Anchell said...


Too bloody good madam

I especially like the second one

The composition on the first is rather amazing though

You will have to teach me when I have a life again!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the trend of no comments has changed....!

I LUV the paintings, they're beautiful! I also love the goalposts one... just the way it's framed. They're almost like photos, you've done really well.

Hope you are feeling better *hands over a box of tissues*

Lisa said...

you are so very talented for an almost old elf. a smart artist to be sure- i am impressed muchly, especially with number two xxx

Hippy Witch said...

As usual Renata, your paintings are perfect. I love the goal posts

Anonymous said...

hi renata love the pics and dido to all that has been said i can see why you was sent to naughty corner for the first one : they would have banished me for a long time i don't have the patients and tempermant: i love the second feels as if im about to walk down to the beach nicely done ...maureen

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments....this is all a new experience for me. I have been wanting to paint for a very long time and have always been scared of the empty canvas. I hope that I can continue to learn next year and that eventually some of these will sell and help me pay for all my art classes...w.w.

Faerie said...

Impressive work! I am also drawn to the "goal posts" as well.