Monday, September 01, 2008

Grown up Daughter comes home for a while!!!!

A rare time in the household....our oldest girl is home for a while. She is looking for a new place to live as the current place is too much of a "party central" and all grown up girl is an efficient legal secretary who needs her sleep and some respectful space....not noisy music at 4 am in the morning!!!!
but.....the cost of flats is horrendous!
It's Newcastle for God's sake ....not Sydney!!
Can you really be paying $450 for a one bed room flat?????
She is looking at a flat today after work.....
I'm happy to have her home for a while.
The man is slogging away doing early shifts this week, which means 4.30 wake ups....he is REALLY happy about that,
and baby girk demanded a day at home "cause no one will be at school today cause of the teachers strike!!!"
I am off to art to get my painting critiqued...and start another.


Lisa said...

a busy day.
I hate early mornings but love daughters and hate teachers strikes and large rents.
enjoy your girks
lisa xx

Anchell said...

My girks are at home too....