Saturday, September 13, 2008

This time next month....

This time next month I will have turned 50 and working at Calendar Club.
Rocked out of my safe home environment - made to go out into the mad, bad, wide world.
Oh well....we all have to do things that we really would rather not do, don't we.
This is my time to pull my finger out and contribute to the household coffers.
This year I also leave behind my art classes ( although I will certainly try to factor them in ) and also new puppy boy Maximus.
The big girl has now a new place to live.
She will be in a secure unit complex just behind Beaumont street, Hamilton.
She took me to check it out yesterday.
It's lovely. Totally secure. You have to have the front door opened for you by the resident you want to can't just walk in off the street. The complex is only 2 years old, so everything is fresh and bright and all she needs is her bed and TV. The place is fully furnished and has air conditioning.
I hope it is a new start for her - she is now a "very important" legal secretary and deserves a nice place to live.
She moves out next week.


Cyndy said...

Good for Big Girl! Everyone needs a place to call home, although I suspect that home will really always where Mum & Dad are.

A ponderance; why has there been no ferference to skivvies this winter?

Such are the deep amd meaningful chasms of my mind...... ;0)

Cyndy said...

BTW that should read Reference, although Ferference is a good word. ;0)

Lisa said...

calender club..............
but i do understand the nessecity, i really do---------very excellent news about big girk and her new pad- sounds divine- do you realise that a great chunck of the word population has viewed maxi-moose on u tube..........i cant wait for you to start cc actually becasue the sooner it starts, the sooner it finsihes..........

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa.....indeed Lisa!w.w.

Faerie said...

Excellent news about oldest daughter!

Let me know if I can be of assistance with cc :-)