Thursday, July 13, 2006

Long ago, when the earth turned more slowly than it does today, our ancestors made sure that we remembered our most important rites of passage by having a ritual. We, modern creatures, don't have the time to do that any more and often the most meaningful times for us go unnoticed...what a shame.
I was privileged to go to a pregnancy ritual tonight for a friend of mine who will be having her first child in 7 weeks. She invited some close friends - we made a circle, lit candles, burnt incense and made her feel special.
In turn, we all felt special too, as we relived our pregnancies. Birth stories were shared, made as juicy and gory as possible for the benefit of the pregnant one and we laughed at ourselves and our tales.
We all contributed to a special herbal pouch that our pregnant friend will take with her to the hospital when the times comes. It was blessed by us in the hope of a speedy and painless birth.
She also handed us all a candle which we are to light when we get the call that she is in labour. It is to light the way for the child and to remind us to pray for her and the safe delivery of her baby. We shared with her our hopes for the 'hatchling' and offered our blessings.
It was very special.
It is only with the love of our friends and family that we can go through this life feeling secure and not alone. How very sad for those that do not have this protection for themselves.

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Elizabeth said...

It sounds beautiful, I am sorry I missed it........
your writing is special...
lisa x